[Nottingham] [Social] *TODAY* 8:30pm Thursday 10/12/2020: Whatever is Linux doing for us?!

fay_knight fay_knight at zoho.com
Thu Dec 10 21:46:50 UTC 2020

And once again, my connection broke up.  It was nice to see Martin and John at least briefly.

I wanted to say, I'm having a cull of my book collection and looking for a new

home for these titles, if anyone's interested.  I could post them out.

One hardback copy of this one, still in good condition:


And a very well-worn paperback copy of this:


If anyone's interested let me know where to send them.


---- On Thu, 10 Dec 2020 15:53:12 +0000 Martin via Nottingham <nottingham at mailman.lug.org.uk> wrote ----


> Continuing virtual until we evolve onwards around the
> SARS-CoV-2 virus and the resultant COVID-19...
> We have:
> *NLUG is Socially Online* !

*TODAY* 8:30pm Thursday 10/12/2020 (That's 8:30pm _GMT_  )

NLUG 'Social': *Whatever has Linux done for us* ?!


> This week is nominally our 'social' so I'm sure we need no excuse for us
> to randomly catch up with what the group and the world has been doing...
> As always, there's lots been happening in the tech world and the outside
> world and even out beyond our polluted globe...
> I'm sure there will be good comment! :-)

Especially so for the jaw-dropping spectacular test flight of SpaceX SN8
last night!!!... That one has just got to have hit the news...

Thunderbirds are go! For real!! :-)

(And it runs Linux ;-) :-) )

> To add to the stories, I've a few happenings and (re)discoveries that
> are a good exploration of what GNU and Linux are all about...

We might just get a little diverted by the SpaceX news... ;-) :-)

> All good fun!
> There's no set format:
> Bring along your stories and comments, with a warm welcome for all!

Have your nibbles and beverages to hand, and lets party! ;-)

See y'all online.

All welcome :-)

Stay safe!

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