[Nottingham] Thursday 19th

NIGEL Black rnjblack at virginmedia.com
Sat Mar 7 17:57:38 UTC 2020

Hi Martin,

My diary's gone awry again so I'm not around for the Poacher next week.  Sorry if you've changed the meetings to fit me in.

I went to the H&H at lunchtime.  Interesting that there's no permanent sign outside to say what it is and the sign on the pavement only says H&H.  Easy to miss.  It's next to the Lord Raglan.  Interesting gloomy atmosphere inside as befits a pub carved into rock.  Best pint of beer I've had in months though.  Don't know what the evening meals are like.  The bloke on the table next to me had a poached egg on what looked like seaweed.  Makes a change.

Anyway, apologies again for my absence.  Enjoy the pies.

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