[Nottingham] [Misc] UK ... almost alone ... centralized virus contact-tracing app

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Wed May 6 22:27:51 UTC 2020


What do you all think to this?

Richard Stallman was right all along to leave his mobile phone OFF?

So... How did Marc and Ben Warner (Cambridge Analytica infamy) come to
be in on this act and presumably get paid for this?

FYI - Some links for thought.

How did this come to pass?

(Very suspiciously?...)

Coronavirus: Hands on with NHS Covid-19 contact-tracing app

NHS[X] rejects Apple-Google coronavirus app plan

(Note: NHSX is the most recent name to the organisation that is
desperate to sell off our NHS medical records, all non-anonymised...)

UK finds itself almost alone with centralized virus contact-tracing app
that probably won't work well, asks for your location, may be illegal

Brief snippets include:

"The other concern with the UK approach is that while it insists it
[NHSX] will keep data private, and location data will not be stored nor
attached to individuals, the truth is that it will only [can only] work
as promised if that data is not kept private and location data is stored
and attached to individuals."

"But what is literally the first thing the app does when you install and
open it? It asks for your postcode, and logs the exact make of your
phone. [Including unique id?...]"

"We understand these ID numbers are generated server-side, and are
people's unique fingerprints in the centralized system."

"Ever heard of Facebook? It's worth billions solely because it is able
to connect the dots between datasets.

Indeed, it may be possible to work out who is associating with whom from
the app's ID numbers. Bear in mind, the Apple-Google decentralized
approach produces new ID numbers for each user each day, thwarting
identification, especially with the ban on location tracking.

Levy also glossed over the fact that ... That data, featuring all the
unique IDs you've encountered in that period and when and how far apart
you were, becomes the property of NCSC"

"Gould also admitted that the data will not be deleted, UK citizens will
not have the right to demand it is deleted, and it can or will be used
for "research" in future."

"and "the UK Government's announcements for sharing health data between
the private and public sector appear to be flawed. This means such data
sharing is potentially not in compliance with legal requirements.""

Re: Of course, being centrally controlled

The people behind this app (Marc and Ben Warner) were involved in the
illegal Cambridge Analytica operations in 2016. They have shown to be
law breakers with nefarious intentions funded by foreign far right
groups. What makes you think they've suddenly bettered their lives and
won't do it again?

It's telling that even Google's approach is more privacy conscious than
what these people are planning.

And then there is always the reality of:

Re: Covid jail "prank"

100? - think thousands - if you leave the phone in a factory canteen.
Nice to have a couple of weeks quarentine as the weather gets better.

You dont have to even use a burner. You self report so you, could claim
to have a sniffle and a temperature, and it appears that would be
enough. Sit the phone by the door or the till of the canteen for half an
hour and everyone going through is wiped out.

Or put a burner beside a rivals office/home or whatever and they get a
call after the button has been pressed

It wouldnt even be illegal, currently, as far as I can see.

And here I am

Without a phone that runs apps. Or has bluetooth. Huh.

Interesting times as the Chinese never said?

Stay safe!

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