[Nottingham] I knew I'd forget something last night

J J jasonirwin73 at gmail.com
Fri May 15 12:01:55 UTC 2020

I want to start setting this server up. /, /home etc are on an SSD and
chucking the whole of /var onto a logical volume sat on RAID1.Maybe not the
most efficient use of space (I could have more partitions but...well...I
like a simple life).

Anyhoo, then the question of filesystems comes up; BTRFS, Ext4, or XFS?
On the SSD F2FS would probably be best, but it's not an option in the
installer (simple life, see) and I had thought of going BTRFS but:
So it came down to Ext4 Vs XFS.

I've plumped for XFS for no real reason other than "Never used it before"
and "Seems it might be a smidge faster".

There's nothing critical on here yet, but is going with XFS madness? I was
worried about RAM, but it seems it's not too bad. ZFS is totally out of the
question as I simply don't have the RAM for it.

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