[Nottingham] Cryptocoin Mining (Re: [Talk] *TODAY* 8:30pm Thursday 22/10/2020: On the Cusp of a Ray)

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Sat Oct 24 15:35:29 UTC 2020


Good fun videoconf last Thursday night :-)

One point of discussion was about cryptocoin mining and how good (or
not) old servers are for burning electricity to profit from finding new

So... We have servers with a few power hungry CPU cores, vs:

AMD Seems To Be Preparing New Blockchain GPU For Cryptomining

"10,300 million transistors: the Navi 10 die houses 40 Compute Units
(CUs), totalling to 2,560 Stream Processors (SPs)"

Also note that crypto-miners pack up to 16 of such as those graphics
cards into a single server chassis to boost the compute (and heat).

And more recently, we have:

"cryptomining has shifted away from graphics cards - the emergence of
custom-tailored ASIC miners have practically replaced them"

Stay safe!

And have fun!!


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