[Nottingham] [Social] *TODAY* 8:30pm Thursday 11/02/2021: *Leaping into Spring* !

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Sat Feb 13 21:03:49 UTC 2021


>> *NLUG is Socially Online* !

>> I've various fun stories to tell of my Linux 'Spring Clean'! :-P
> Including quite a momentous change after nearly a quarter century ;-)
> Portentous even??... ;-) ;-)

That was a good do as always :-)

Thanks also for some good comments for my 'rework' of all my 'IT':

So, after playing the Marketing game of hanging on the telephone for 
over an hour every three months for the sake of 'haggling' over what 
service and what costs I can enjoy, I think I've ridden the terrestrial 
services far enough to now instead move over to the new physical freedom 

(4G LTE / 5G) Mobile Broadband!

There is also StarLink that can now be pre-ordered for the UK:

(Is OneWeb the UK Gov's answer to bypassing OffCom?...)

For my modest use, I can easily go with the present '4G/5G' systems.

Stories of very silly Marketing can be told over a few beers once we've 
evolved beyond COVID ;-)

Again, thanks for good comment for making the swap.

And so while I'm making a few changes, I'm also upgrading my long old 
AMD x6 core '2008 vintage' Gentoo system for a little something 'bigger' 
and more recent ;-) To run Gentoo again ofcourse :-)

The change there is forced by the antique BIOS failing to make a boot 
disk visible when I tried to add a new ('2020 vintage') SSD...

Unfortunately, adding to the updates/upgrades, I also need to add some 
new batteries for my old UPS.

One aspect I was reminded of is that I have the Gentoo system custom 
compiled for the AMD... To move systems, a bit of a recompile is needed. 
However, due to the wonders of x86_64 backwards compatibility, and for 
upgrading to another AMD, I can gradually recompile as new updates roll in.

Just-to-be-sure just in case, I'll be compiling a 'general' kernel until 
I can check exactly what is needed for the new hardware. Which is where 
I was reminded of just what a difference a few kernel/firmware config 
options can make:

617M	/lib/firmware/
1.9G	/lib/modules/


2.3M	/lib/firmware/
6.5M	/lib/modules/

Phew! Compiles faster also.

Further links from the night:

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... design flaw of ... dependency confusion...

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Until the next meet! :-)


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