[Phpwm] Another one

Darren Beale public.darren.beale at siftware.co.uk
Fri Aug 11 09:40:29 BST 2006

> > If you every have any design 
> > requirements we can help out with let me know...

I certainly will.

> > Also handy to keep track of freelancers in the midlands, 
> have you any project examples?

$shortPlug = <<<END

Good at:
-PHP/MySQL - using Pear, Smarty, XML-RPC, COM & cURL amongst others
-XHTML/CSS (e.g. decent, cross browser, semantic, accessible templates)
-Linux (plus to a much lesser extent Solaris/FreeBSD) web server build and
maintenance & TCP/IP admin
-Other bits and bobs like the odd Bash or Perl sysadmin script, Samba,
rsync, Subversion, Gran Turismo 4

Currently learning:
-<insert Web 2.0 buzzwords>
-just started personal project using Cake

I built up and ran http://www.exponetic.com over 4 years until I sold it
last month, so I was involved with a lot of the projects that they have in
their portfolio. I now freelance under: http://www.siftware.co.uk and have a
recruitment consultant friendly CV available on http://bealers.com though as
our main reason for both chucking in* good careers and moving here was to
spend more time with our two 3 year olds, I'd prefer to work from home as a
freelancer the majority of the time, but will happily work on-site a few
days a week if needs be.

*that is according to at least one parent


Glad to hear there are people up for some meetings. I'm in Upton-upon-Severn
so about an hours drive(?) from Brum which is probably a good thing because
I won't be able to drink and will therefore not start talking utter rubbish
after an hour or so.


Darren Beale
Freelance Web Developer

Office:     0121 288 7197
Mobile:     07711 716 197 
Skype:       darren.beale


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