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Dave Holmes Dave at neteffekt.co.uk
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I agree there are currently 3 developers in my company and a dedicated
graphic designer and with all of the potential work we are pitching for we
could struggle with resources.  

Having a pool of skilled resource that can be relied upon to deliver quality
would be a big bonus, I know there are sites and services such as
freelancers.net etc, but to be honest I would rather build up a network of
smaller dev companies where we all know each other can meet up

Likewise when I pay the wages of a development team I like them to be
productive and can certainly help other companies resource larger projects

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David Goodwin asked: Would it be a good idea for the phowm site to contain a
list of
(willing) members, along with skills etc?

yes I reckon this would definitely be a good idea - I would certainly like
to be listed there and be able to find other resources.  I'm a lone
developer but often need extra help on projects but have no idea where to


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