[Phpwm] Zend Cert?

Kevin Golding php at caomhin.demon.co.uk
Mon Aug 21 11:32:20 BST 2006

Someone, quite probably Darren Beale, once wrote:
>Anyway, my question is to the people on the list that employ developers on a
>short or long term basis: is it worth it? Would seeing Zend Certified on a
>CV or website make any difference to your hiring decision?

>Any Zend cert's on the list? Has it made you life better in any way?

I'm not personally certified but I know a lot of people who are and they
recommend it highly.  Then again they all work for the same company so
it may not be an entirely accurate sample.  I know being Zend certified
helps a lot with a job app there - and also that their aim is for all
their developers to get certified.

Basically they treat it like a competency test of their developers but
they also use it quite a bit as a sales pitch to their clients.  There
are no other Zend certifications for miles around them so they really
push the fact that they have a couple of dozen staff who are certified.
It seems to get them work too so I guess even paying for a lot of staff
the ROI is still good enough they keep pushing it internally.


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