[Phpwm] Excellenet little design tool

Rayhan Abdulmughnee rayhan at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 22 13:48:41 BST 2006

FireFox browser has a similar extension that does the same thing – 


FireFox has some very cool extensions, the two others I use frequently are:

- ColorZilla


Among many of its features, the one I use most is the eyedropper, you click 
on any color on a web page, and ColorZilla will tell you its properties.

- X-Ray


When activated X-Ray shows you the document source code right on the web 
page, so you can see the page with all the tags around it.

I use quite a few other extensions, but not as frequently.  FireFox has some 
great extensions for web developers,


 > This has got to be one of the most useful little and simple
 > design aids I've found, I've been using it for a while now
 > with no problems, and its helped out many a time!
 > http://www.spadixbd.com/freetools/?referrer=JRulerUser

It's great isn't it. I tried the pay-for version and reverted back to this
as I preferred it.


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