[Phpwm] Frameworks....

Rob Allen rob at akrabat.com
Thu Aug 31 12:41:12 BST 2006

Chris Allen wrote:
> Hi Rob & Dave,
> I see the need to question why you need to use a framework, but for me
> its good as I don't have a bunch of pre-written classes / functions, and
> it will give me a good feel for objects and the MVC way of doing things.

At work we use Fusebox3, ADOdb, Smarty and an internal library we call
M3 which between them make up a content management framework. We then
use this to build our websites. It makes building any given site much
faster as we have all the glue in place and can concentrate on the
specifics for that site.

In the next year we will be transitioning to M4, which will be based on
Zend Framework and either Smarty or Template_Lite. The main benefit to
us is that we aren't the only people doing all the maintenance work and
other people are finding and fixing bugs for us :)

Conversely, we are providing ZF bug fixes and components back to the
community (e.g. Zend_Config).

> So where are you guys from? Be interested to see how many people are in
> the locality.

I live in Worcester. Company is near Tewkesbury. I work from home 3 days
per week.

> Also is there a reason why I'm not picking up the mailing list in my
> inbox? I have to come to the site to view the thread archive.

No idea, sorry.



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