[Phpwm] Java vs.PHP

Zhou Wu zwu_ca at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 4 19:53:42 GMT 2006

I think Java and PHP are for different things. I have
been a Java programmer since 1997. I do coding on my
job and make a living with it. Recently, I wanted to
create a website for kids' math, I couldn't find a
good open source java package for it. I searched on
the web and found there are many good open source PHP
packages there that may be good for the purpose. 

I spent a month (a couple of hours each day) on
creating <a href="www.mathpotd.org"> www.mathpotd.org
</a> with Drupal. I think Drupal is well suited for
the job. I don't believe I could do it in Java. 

Java may be just for so-called enterprise applications
-- companies hire high paid Java programmer for their
good or bad systems. 

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