[Phpwm] Hosting suggestion required.

Phil Beynon phil at infolinkelectronics.co.uk
Wed Jun 7 23:13:58 BST 2006

> Hi folks
> I have just designed a web site for a client, and have just found out
> that i cannot send emails from my server, which is hosted on a
> blueyonder cable connection (uses dynamic ip). The mail server of the
> address i am send the emails to blocks email from blueyonder dynamic ip
> addresses.
> I am therefore looking for somewhere to host a formmail php or perl
> script. I am wondering if anyone has any spare space on which to host
> the formmail script, or can recommend a cheap and reliable web host
> (must be v. cheap as funds are limited at present).
> p.s. has anyone purchased hosting from a listing on ebay and are happy
> with it?
> p.p.s. has anyone purchased hosting from any of the following hosts and
> are happy with it?
> 	- www.serversea.com
> 	- www.host2day.co.uk
> 	- www.b-smarthosting.co.uk
> 	- centricahosting.com
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> -----------------------------------
> Dave Fear :: dfear at blueyonder.co.uk
> Skype: dpfear
> GPG: key ID - 805B3D54
> GPG: server - wwwkeys.eu.pgp.net

Give me a call tommorow on the mobile or home number in my .sig (I'll not be
in the office here as I'm waiting for a load of furniture to arrive at home
for my #2 office) or email me offlist with exactly what your requirements
are and I'll see what I can sort out for you.
I run my own servers based down in Telehouse at Waverider's colo.


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