[Phpwm] (Computer Science) Reading Material

David Goodwin david at codepoets.co.uk
Wed Jun 21 15:39:59 BST 2006

pete graham wrote:
> Recently I have been starting reading "A Practical Introduction to Data 
> Structures and Algorithm Analysis". This is a text book that I bought at 
> university, attempted to read, managed about 10 pages then put it away 
> because it was boring me to death.

I've come across a few .... if you don't mind reading a Java book - I'd 
recommend the 'Pragmatic Programmer' (Hunt & Thomas), 'Bitter Java' or 
'Professional Issues in Software Engineering' (Frank Bott et al)

If you're really feeling like being a student again, find 'Software 
Engienering' by Sommerville.

Kat would recommend one of her database bibles - probably one written by 
Connolly and Begg....


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