[Phpwm] Next Meeting : 6th July @ 19:00 (OpenAdvantage) - Marcus Baker

David Goodwin david at codepoets.co.uk
Sun Jun 25 21:31:16 BST 2006

Greg Jones wrote:
>> ** Could people please express interest/preferences in the below 
>> talks, to give Marcus an idea of what would be well received.**
> Both sound like they could be interesting, but if forced to pick one it 
> would be probably be the second (agile-development) one.
> And I have no idea if this was done last time or not, but would it be an 
> idea to add the date to the event-list on php.net?

I'm made submissions to php.net; and on a similar vein although I have 
access to phpwm.org I appear to lack permission to publish (stupid 


David Goodwin

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