[Phpwm] Database Diagram from SQL definition

Keith Pope keith at clevercherry.com
Tue Mar 7 17:39:55 GMT 2006

Right heres what you need to do:

1) Goto Database->connect to database
2) Add a new database connection
3) connect to that database
4) goto database->reverse engineering
5) In the reverse engineering dialog check Build Relations
6) select build relations based on primary Keys
7) Click Execute

And Your done.

Hope this helps

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On 7 Mar 2006, at 14:21, Rob Allen wrote:

> Ian Munday wrote:
>> I apologise for being slightly off topic, but I need to produce a 
>> database diagram (of a type suitable to present to a client) from a 
>> manually written SQL definition file of the following format:
> I have a feeling the fabForce's DBDesigner4 will import SQL and create

> diagram. http://fabforce.net/dbdesigner4/
> Could be wrong though :)

Hmm, I downloaded this but couldn't get it to connect to a database on
the local machine.  Also, I couldn't see a way to produce a diagram by
importing a SQL file directly.

Thanks anyway though Rob.

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