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Fri Mar 10 16:39:46 GMT 2006

Time to update your systems again.  Yet another exploitable problem


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Stefan Esser discovered that the 'session' module did not sufficiently
verify the validity of the user-supplied session ID. A remote attacker
could exploit this to insert arbitrary HTTP headers into the response
sent by the PHP application, which could lead to HTTP Response
Splitting (forging of arbitrary responses on behalf the PHP
application) and Cross Site Scripting (XSS) (execution of arbitrary
web script code in the client's browser) attacks. (CVE-2006-0207)

PHP applications were also vulnerable to several Cross Site Scripting
(XSS) flaws if the options 'display_errors' and 'html_errors' were
enabled. Please note that enabling 'html_errors' is not recommended
for production systems. (CVE-2006-0208)

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