[Phpwm] Web based FTP client in PHP

David Goodwin david at codepoets.co.uk
Mon Mar 13 11:41:15 GMT 2006

php at beachboy.co.uk wrote :
> Anyone out there, have any experience with using a Web based FTP client in 
> PHP?
> I want to try it out on my users, I am looking for something so simple, your 
> granny could use it. 
> I know FTP is simple, but it's amazing how many people fail to cope. I've had 
> another person complaining that it's my fault that he can't use get it to 
> work this weekend, although I think it maybe something to do with his 
> firewall. 
> Security is a high priority obviously.
> Any thoughts?
> Kev

There are a number of php ftp clients "out there" on the web. If you're
looking for security then perhaps you should consider using something
encrypted - e.g. the server you FTP to is on the same machine as the ftp
web interface, and clients connect to the ftp web interface via
https://, this would stop passwords being transmitted in plain text at

I did install one which was very easy (well I thought so!) to use,
namely net2ftp. (http://www.net2ftp.com). In my situation, I removed the
front login page and bypassed it by providing users with a 'Go' button
to click on which logged them in with predefined details. In your
situation you could for instance remove the FTP Server field, and
replace it with a <input type='hidden' name='....' value='myserver'>

Being open source you can obviously rejig the interface (comment out
stuff etc) to make it simpler for users...

David Goodwin 

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