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David Goodwin david at codepoets.co.uk
Fri Mar 17 10:18:01 GMT 2006

Raj Chahal wrote :
> Hi all 
> Can Anyone Help with this one ?
> A colleague has asked for a costing for a e-commerce website. They are
> looking at about 100 items to sell, and is a new business.
> These days you can pick up a e-shop of the shelf or build a bespoke
> shop. How would this vary in costing. What sort of budget would be
> reasonable in the two cases?
> Just a ball park figure would be good.

Having a bespoke system will probably result in higher long term costs,
and tie you to one supplier. Using a OTS system may result in your site
looking like all others (at least until you reskin it), but it should 
be easier to add functionality, stay secure, get support and have it 
customised. It's probably arguable that customerswould find it easier to
use a reskinned OTS product (which they may have used on another site)
than a bespoke system.

With an OTS product, e.g. ZenCart, there is still the issue of 
customisation or integration into other systems. Let alone training 
(if necessary).... What skills does your collegue already have?

For an OTS site I'd imagine you could be talking of anywhere from a 
few hundred quid (installation on your own server, minor customisation 
and configuration) to thousands (hosting, installation, configuration,
 customisation, training etc) and anywhere in between. 

I believe there are companies who just host e.g. ZenCart shops, and 
probably offer good value.

A bespoke system is likely to cost more, but offer (hopefully) exactly what you

Why not just have an ebay shop?

David Goodwin 

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