[Phpwm] PHPWM Website

Jono Bacon jonobacon at gmail.com
Tue May 2 10:16:31 BST 2006

Hi all,

Well, it seems that PHPWM is moving along just swimmingly, and its
great to see some interesting discussion on here.

Now, I I figured that we have a Wordpress site on phpwm.org, and it
has rather simple life - it sits there and informs the world about how
to join PHPWM. I just wanted to be uttterly clear that if anyone wants
to modify the website, add content or otherwise add something cool and
interesting to it, do let me know. I can set up accounts on the site
for those of you who have the bug to update it, to log in and add

So, if you want to add something, let me know what you want to add,
and we can go from there. :)

Over and out.


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