[Phpwm] Emailing using PHP

Keith Pope keith at clevercherry.com
Fri May 5 16:17:44 BST 2006

Why not use the PEAR Mail class, its easy to use and you can send mails
direct to the smtp server.


If you are sending lots of emails you should not use sendmail anyway.





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I need to setup my Development Server at work to send email from PHP
scripts using the mail function.

The mail function is returning true so I presume my mail has
successfully sent, but the email never arrives.

The server is running Apache on Fedora Core  3. I have checked that send
mail is running on the server, is there anything else I need to

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I can get more information on the
work network/email setup if required. My network manager claimed that
the email should be automatically relayed by SMTP but he sometimes lies.


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