[Phpwm] Meeting

Jake Stride jake.stride at senokian.com
Thu May 11 23:13:54 BST 2006

Rob Allen wrote:
> Having just got back, I'd like to say thanks to Jono for organising it
> and to David, Elliot and Jake for the talks. Excellent work guys.
> Next time we need a quieter pub though!
> Regards,
> Rob...
I agree about the pub!

For those of you that were asking the EGS website is 
http://www.enterprisegroupwaresystem.org and is working - I have just 
tried it.

Also, if you heard Jono and I talking about Pigs in Bacon in one of the 
breaks I have put a post on my blog about it:


It was good to put faces to names and I hope to see everyone again soon.



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