[Phpwm] Php Script

Liam liam at datasave.ltd.uk
Wed May 24 15:37:00 BST 2006

Hi There,

ive now completed this, This is what i wrote,

 $DIRECTORY = 5800;

for($i = 5800; $i <= 10210; $i++){
mkdir("C:\BigApache\Apache\htdocs\test\\" + $DIRECTORY, 0777);

 echo $DIRECTORY."\n";

And it worked.  Thanks


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> apparently i need to use loops but didnt' cover it properly as it was only 
> a 2 day
> course.

We did cover for loops, and thats what you need to use here. Check the
code on your USB keyring - there is a sample loop on there that we
wrote at the start of the course. :)


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