[Phpwm] Postcode Database

Ronan Ryan r.p.ryan at bham.ac.uk
Mon Apr 30 15:50:33 BST 2007

If all you need is to match postcodes to grid references, you might try
the NSPD from the Office for National Statistics.


The 'core' version contains the 2.2 million UK postcodes, mapped to 1 or
meter grid references and several other geographies.

It costs about £140 for a once-off supply, and about £180 per year for
quarterly updates. This is the cost for businesses and charities, and it
can be used for any activity that the purchaser funds or resources. It's
free to academia and NHS bodies, so long as it isn't used for commercial

See Order Form and User Guide on above page for proper details of what
it contains. 

If you're confused about what all the various geographies are, see below
for a beginners guide:


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