[Phpwm] Meeting reminder - Thursday 8th - Zend Framework etc

Phil Beynon phil at infolinkelectronics.co.uk
Thu Feb 8 15:52:02 GMT 2007

> > ....and maybe there for some time if the snow doesnt stop soon!
> >
> > Has anyone actually been on the roads into the city today who can report
> > back what condition they are in?
> A customer of mine who I met with this morning, drove through Birmingham
> and said there were no problems.....
> David.

I suspect the hardest part for me would be getting out of my road here, it
looks like about 3 cars went up it all day!

I'm mainly concerned that if all this freezes up suddenly when it gets dark
it will be like a couple of years back where the whole place was just a
sheet of ice with massive traffic snarlups everywhere.

looking at
20cdabc362b there has been a broken down train on the south side of the
cross city line, and there are still some delays - though from what it says
that should be all cleared and back to normal fairly soon, and certainly by
this evening.

I'm going to reserve judgement for a couple of hours on coming or not,
depending on what the weather is doing, but right now the snow is coming
down here in Stirchley a bit heavier than it has all afternoon.

Pity I've not got the quadbike road legalised yet - it would be a blast on


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