[Phpwm] Meeting reminder - Thursday 8th - Zend Framework etc

Paul Cooper pgc at openadvantage.org
Thu Feb 8 17:27:10 GMT 2007

Hi Greg,

The closest options are Bishopsgate street behind the UGC cinema, the parking under the AMC cinema, and Brindley place. Of those I think Bishopsgate is the cheapest. You may be lucky and find some free parking on Ryland Street (which is 2 hours max).
See http://www.openadvantage.org/about for pointers to streetmap.

I would warn anyone that although the clampers are supposed to only clamp / tow cars in our spaces when we call them, they have been somewhat trigger happy in the past, and while we have sometimes been able to get cars back without a fee, we haven't been able to get them back the same day. They are very quick to clamp cars in the other spaces so wouldn't risk those at all.



----- Greg Jones <greg.jones at gmail.com> wrote:
> Should maybe have posted this sooner, but does anyone have tips for
> parking? There always seem to be plenty of signs for car-parks in
> Birmingham, but I never know how far away from where I want to be
> they're actually going to take me...
> Last time I ended up in one of the spaces behind the OA offices, but
> I'm not sure if I was allowed to be there or not and I'd rather not
> risk being clamped/towed if at all possible...
> cheers,
> Greg
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