[Phpwm] RE: in the news.... (Phil Beynon)

Chris Allen pickledegg at hotmail.co.uk
Mon Feb 19 12:55:22 GMT 2007

I've just read it Phil ;) Thats a little like an old workmate who used to 
program PICs for the hardware we made. When questioned by the management 
what he was working on, he'd always respond by adding 'its a Mark V' to his 
reply. He told me 'it sounded better' ;)
So as I was producing the graphical legends for some new prototypes, I 
thought it fitting to add 'MARK V' at the bottom right hand corner. My mate 
liked it and a couple of MARK V units were shipped, until I got my balls 
chewed some weeks later.

PS, am I naming the reply subjects right now? as somehow I managed to 
duplicate my last reply 3 times. I also strip out all text apart from my own 
apart from when I'm quoting someone. Correct practice?

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