[Phpwm] Speaker required for BCS talk

Elliot Smith elliot at townx.org
Wed Feb 21 09:27:09 GMT 2007

Hello all,

(Apologies for cross-posting if you're subscribed to both lists.)

I was down to give a talk on dynamic languages (Ruby, PHP) to the 
British Computer Society Coventry branch on 21st March. I'm now unable 
to do this. Is there anyone on the list interested in picking up the 

This is the abstract I wrote for the talk, which could probably be 
changed slightly, as long as it keeps the gist:

Dynamic Languages and Why Web Developers Like Them

In this presentation, I'll talk about some dynamic languages from the 
perspective of a web developer. I'll lay some foundations first (dynamic 
vs. static typing, weak vs. strong typing, duck typing etc.) before 
exploring Ruby as an exemplar dynamic language. I'll show some of Ruby's 
powerful features and explain how they are utilised in the context of 
Ruby on Rails, a "next generation" web development framework. I'll end 
up by attempting to reconcile the apparent "sloppiness" of dynamic 
languages with the requirements of sustainable development.

Anyone interested? Get in touch with me if so and I'll pass your details 
to the organisers.


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