[Phpwm] Networking question

David Goodwin david at codepoets.co.uk
Sun Feb 25 17:37:59 GMT 2007

sukh virdee wrote:
> Thanks David,
> I can ping each of the machines, however can't view the shared folders. 
> I've set one up on the laptop but can't see it on my desktop. I don't 
> think it's a permissions issue as I chmod'd it to 0777
>> From my desktop I can view my laptop's web folders by going to 
> http://[laptop name] through my browser.
> Any ideas how I can see the folders?

Have you installed Samba on Linux and configured it?

 From Linux you should be able to see the folders on the Windows machine 
through the file manager (nautilus) by going to e.g. \\192.168.1.X (or 
it's name, if known)


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