[Phpwm] Mojavi Argh Help Me!

pete graham petegraham1 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 16 14:04:55 BST 2007

I have some work coming up on a site that uses the Mojavi framework.
The Mojavi website (http://www.mojavi.org/) has only the home page
online at the moment and I'm having trouble finding much info on
Google about it.

I have a few questions, and would be delighted if anyone could help me
with them:

1. I can't find which version of Mojavi is installed in the source
file. The files all have copyright 2003, any ideas what version this
is or how I can find out?

2. Which versions of Mojavi support php5?

3. Is there anywhere to download the Mojavi source from apart from the
official site?

I'm quite concerned about the on going maintenance of this site since
Mojavi doesn't seem very active on the development front. Is it
possible to upgrade sites from Mojavi to Symphony easily?

Thanks, Pete

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