[Phpwm] Mojavi Argh Help Me!

pete graham petegraham1 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 16 18:39:48 BST 2007

While we on the subject of frameworks which PHP Framework Bandwagon
are list members jumping on at the moment? ;-)

The company I work for (www.unit9.com) are interested in finding a
flexible framework which could be used on majority of our projects, so
I need to get my research hat on.

We are particularly interested in something that supports generation
of web services. I don't want to have to upgrade the same files on 50+
websites so a modular web services approach would be much better for

A lot of the sites we do interact with flash front-ends, so something
that has strong xml support is needed. It's important that the
framework is not too restrictive, by this I mean we would like to have
the ability to "break-out" of the framework, for custom tasks if

Look forward to hearing your opinions/experiences,

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