[Phpwm] Mojavi Argh Help Me!

David Goodwin david at codepoets.co.uk
Mon Jul 16 22:41:45 BST 2007

Greg Jones wrote:
>> Darren Beale uses Symfony.
>> I use Zend Framework

>  Search_Lucene, Http_Client and 
> Mail/Mime bits and have found them to be rather nice. I'm keeping my eye 

I'll add in Zend_Cache; Might soon be using Zend_ACL, Search_Lucene 
(just looking for a reason) and the Zend_Mail thing definitely looks 
worth looking at (finally, easy attachments etc).

So, in summary, the Zend Framework is a good thing.

We use Propel, Smarty and loads of glue code. Were we to start from 
scratch I'd be tempted to do Symfony; but it's lack of a decent 
templating engine is put off at the moment (I've not bothered 
researching if Smarty can be used with Symfony or not).


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