[Phpwm] display results on same page

Alex Mace alex at hollytree.co.uk
Thu Jul 19 11:25:02 BST 2007

Does that work? Whenever I've tried attaching a query string to a URL  
in the action of a form, it has been stripped from the URL...

That was a while ago though, so I might have been doing something  


On 19 Jul 2007, at 10:46, Phil Beynon wrote:

>> Hi guys,
>> I'm struggling with this much longer than I think I need to, I  
>> guess you
>> could help me here:
>> How do I make the results of a search display on the same page as the
>> search, sort of beneath the 'submit' button? Thanks for helping out.
>> Regards,
>> Ire
> Hi,
> You set the 'action' to point back to the page name, you can also  
> set url
> variables and or (hidden) form fields to toggle things on and off
> Such as...........
> $thispage	= $SCRIPT_NAME;
> <form method="POST" action="<?php echo $thispage; ?>?posting=yes&<? 
> php echo
> $pagevars; ?>">
> <p>Search:<input class="SmallInput" type="text" name="searchcrit"  
> size="20">
> <input class="buttonDefault" type="submit" value="Search!"  
> name="B1"></p>
> </form>
> OR
> You can, and this is a tad more complicated, use a hidden form  
> field to
> activate a switch($action) and select from a default and and  
> subsequent
> (unlimited) number of other PHP functions to run when the page is  
> loaded and
> after seperate actions take place in multiple forms.
> Phil
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