[Phpwm] OT - Coventry Open Coffee Club

Rayhan Abdulmughnee rayhan at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 19 15:17:54 BST 2007

Hi Jake,

When is the next meeting for this?  Couldnt attend the last one, but will 
try for the next one.


----Original Message Follows----
Hi everyone,

I know that this is slightly OT, but I thought it would be worth  posting as 
it might be of interest to some people. I have started a  Coventry Open 
Coffee Club for entrepreneurs, business people and  funders etc to meet up 
and chat about business etc. in a more  informal environment. I have written 
a brief post about it on our  blog at 
http://www.senokian.com/barking/2007/05/27/coventry- opencoffeeclub/ and it 
would also be a great place for people to  network (in the business sense)!



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