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Had a look at the two websites below.  The Spain one had the following
grammatical error:

We are in the currently in the process of updating and expanding our site.

Just thought I'd bring that to your attention.


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> Hello folks!
> I have a project that I'd like to do in PHP, however I'm a novice with
> it - I've done dome stuff in ASP 'classic' before.
> I want to create a website to market my parent's holiday apartment and I
> thought before I started the hard work, I'd find out if there are any
> good 'off the  shelf' systems that I could use.
> Visitors would need to be able to view the apartment's availability and
> ideally, be able to make a reservation online.
> Is anyone aware of anything that could do this?


Are a couple of our sites which are worth looking at for inspiration! :-)
If you want the site done and hosted then give me a shout.


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