[Phpwm] [Fwd: [GeekUp] Attention! all DreamHosters]

Phil Beynon phil at infolinkelectronics.co.uk
Mon Jun 4 17:46:07 BST 2007

> Phil Beynon wrote:
> > And of course if anyone does need to change hosting providers I'm always
> > happy to oblige!
> >
> Can you compete with Dreamhost in terms of price/bandwidth?
> I thought they were one of the largest (and cheapest) providers out
> there? Although I've also seen people moan about performance/bandwidth.
> (Go Phil!)
> David.
> - --
> David Goodwin

Actually quickly looking at what they are offering they aren't all that
price competitive when looking at hosting a 'real world' site of the sort
most people I know are designing.

Bandwidth - nope I'm not attempting to match 3TB a month - I host some
fairly bandwidth intensive customers and none of them get anywhere near a
fraction of that.
I can't actually see many sites other than 'top-fifty' type sites that are
ever likely to get anywhere near that bandwidth, and if you were using that
much you would be dealing directly with a tier one backbone provider! :-)

What I offer is sensibly priced professional hosting backed up by decent
experienced support from both myself and Waverider Internet aimed at VARs /
designers who don't want a faceless 'support agent' six time zones away!


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