[Phpwm] What blogs do you read?

Phil Beynon phil at infolinkelectronics.co.uk
Wed Jun 6 19:57:05 BST 2007

> > Most blogs I find to have very little overlap apart from what I have
> > have
> > found them for when searching around, the fact that I found something I
> > was
> > looking for on there in one article doesn't mean to say that I want to
> > hear
> > about their grandmas' birthday party or see pics of a holiday.
> I think I'm with you on not being particularly interested in some complete
> strangers life when I'm simply googling for a solution to a problem and
> stumble across their blog where they've very helpfully posted a how-to.
> However the few blogs that I bother to read the feeds of
> regularly are those
> of mates or acquaintances that I've actually met who share a similar
> interest. It's the additional level of personality that I like so I don't
> mind the pictures of a new poodle etc.

Sure, with quite a few of the things I am interested in the rarity /
minority factor means that blogs, forums, IRC etc are the only way to
operate effectively.

> There are of course a number of blogs where they keep it strictly
> professional and which can be an excellent source of information. I
> subscribed to a bunch in the past (like the 37 signals one,
> Vitamin, Zeldman
> etc) but I found that I didn't enough time in the day to read them so
> stopped.

Yup, the time it takes to read some if this stuff is a big problem as it can
be very distracting.

> I've never liked forums, having to actually go back to a website
> to continue
> a conversation sucks (though I admit that sometimes a forum is
> the only way
> of getting information or support). RSS feeds and mailing lists
> all the way
> for me.

It depends how busy the forum is, when its small and fairly quiet like this
one its fine, but if it was getting thousands of posts a day I simply
wouldn't want to be getting that via email. So at that point it needs to be
either localised or fragmented into subgroups.
Plus a lot of people cant post to email based systems when at work.


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