[Phpwm] Social venue - where? (Re: Meeting 12th June, 2007).

Mike Tipping mike at m-i-g.com
Wed Jun 6 16:48:54 BST 2007

Lurk lurk...

Don't know how the last social managed to be on my Birthday and this one is
on my wifes birthday.

Don't think she would appreciate me being social with someone else. Upton is
very nice though. 

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Darren Beale had the following to say (via email to myself) :

... for PHPWM I would be suggesting sunny Upton for a meeting by the
riverside next week if I could actually send to the list (issues at my
end that I don't need to bore you with). Although I'd imagine the
interest would be minimal what with it being just about as far south as
one can go in the area.

I may not respond on-list but I'm well overdue attending a meeting and
as long as the venue is no more than 30 mins or so drive away I'll be there.

I'm presuming he's talking about : http://tinyurl.com/2ze7y8 (google
maps link). Come on lurkers, say something! :)

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