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I don't know if anyone will find this interesting?

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Hello David Goodwin,

Welcome to the latest edition of Zend's newsletter for the UK and

In This Issue:

- - PHP for Business Seminar - London, UK
- - NEW! Zend Core Support Programs
- - Live Webinar: “Zend Framework 1.0 – An Overview”
- - Tips and Tricks from the Zend DEVZONE


PHP for Business Seminar - London, UK

On July 2nd Zend will host the inaugural "PHP for Business" Seminar,
in London.

Who should attend?

IT managers, CIO's, CTO's and decision makers who lead Web and
application development strategies.

Key Speakers

Zeev Suraski - Co-Founder & Co-Chief Technology Officer, Zend
David Boloker - CTO Emerging Internet Technologies, IBM

This seminar will focus on PHP as a viable technology for developing
large-scale buisness critical Web applications. We will explore the
business advantages of PHP, hear case studies from industry leaders
such as BT, SugarCRM and Time Out Communications on their PHP usage
and discover how Zend is driving PHP to the enterprise by providing a
complete range of professional products and services that address
every stage of the PHP lifecycle.

For additional event information and registration visit the event



NEW! Zend Core Support Programs

Zend Core is the leading production quality PHP 5 stack - certified,
enhanced and supported by Zend.

Zend Network is the Maintenance and Support technology which takes
care of your PHP environment - ensuring that your secure and reliable
Zend Core is updated and supported!

Zend Network offers subscription based enhanced levels of support – to
provide you with the key capability to give you peace of mind:

    * PHP maintenance updates
    * Bug fixes
    * Security updates
    * Comprehensive support services - starting from unlimited
web-support up to 24X7X365 phone support.

Click here to learn more:



Zend Live Webinar - “Zend Framework 1.0 – An Overview”

Presenter: Bill Karwin, Zend Solutions Consultant
Target Audience:PHP Developers
Duration: 1 hour - including Q&A
Time and Date: June 20, 2007 17:00 UK (09:00 Pacific Daylight Time,

The Zend Framework is emerging as the preferred PHP programmer’s
toolkit for designing Web applications with best practices. In the
month’s prior to the 1.0 release, Zend Framework had over 1 million
downloads and multiple commercial products are already being developed
utilizing the Framework.

In this webinar, Bill Karwin, Product Engineering Manager, will
provide an overview of design philosophy, major components of the
Framework and its future directions. Topics will cover MVC, Search,
Data Access, Web Services, Filter, Authentication, Cache and more.
Tune in to learn more about the value Zend Framework can offer your
web project.


- - Three ways you can use Zend Framework to make your applications more
- - Four ways Zend Framework promotes software development best
- - Five ways Zend Framework can free you from reinventing the wheel –
so you can focus on your area of innovation.



Tips & Tricks from the Zend DEVZONE

30 Minutes with Active Media Architects

Flash and PHP are becoming a popular pair of technologies. It seems
that every time I turn around, I'm seeing new Flash front-ends that
are talking to PHP back-ends and doing some very interesting things.
One of the most interesting things I've seen though has to be
MyKleenexTissue.com. I was given the opportunity to sit down and talk
with Andy Lintner, Director of Application Development, Jon Aniano,
General Manager and Jeff Kazierski, President and Creative Director;
all from Active Media Architects, the team behind MyKleenexTissue.com.
We discussed the technology decisions and choices they made and the
process they used for development.


Flex and PHP: Party in the Front, Business in the Back

Since the first time I really saw and understood what Flash was and
did, I've been jealous of what Flash designers could do. Flash
designers have always had more fine-grained control over their
environment than those working with HTML. It is not just for cute
animations in banner ads and games. The main drawback that has kept me
from exploiting Flash is I could never get my head around the "Movie
Timeline" metaphor for programming. As we say in Tennessee, "It just
ain't right."


Announcing PHP Abstract, DevZone's New Podcast for PHP Developers

Announcing the newest tool for PHP Developers, PHP Abstract. PHP
Abstract is a twice weekly podcast to help developers hone their


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