[Phpwm] anyone looking for work? (PHP dev job, immediate start)

Bronwen Reid info at bronwenreid.com
Wed Jun 13 15:48:19 BST 2007

Seriously - they want the work done by the middle of July?
Scornful laugh.

If they were looking for a builder to renovate their loft they
wouldn't try asking for that kind of deadline.
Send them to rentacoder - plenty of cowboys there.


David Goodwin wrote:
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> Hello list :
> We (Pale Purple) have had to turn away a potential customer (there are
> only so many hours in the day etc) - but in the event that on the list
> is interested in what could be 20-30+ developer days work, that must be
> completed within ~4 weeks (with tight deadlines) - let me know, and I'll
> pass your details on to "middle-woman" (Ann)
> Job details/keywords :
>   PHP, MySQL, File uploading, ImageMagick
>   (or other thumbnailing software), Shopping cart, possible hosting.
> They have an existing flash based demo/prototype, which breaks if you
> use the latest flash version - hence they're trying to convert it to
> php/html.
> I don't know the customer (we've not dealt with them before), aside from
> a 2 hour meeting on Friday. They appear willing to go for 'week in
> arrears' payment if it helps sell it.
> thanks
> David.
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> David Goodwin

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