[Phpwm] Re: php popularity

Michael Sheldon webmaster at mikeasoft.com
Thu Mar 8 13:40:28 GMT 2007

On Thu, Mar 08, 2007 at 01:33:54PM +0000, Rob Allen wrote:
> Chris Allen wrote:
> > Ok, on the subject of languages, what would you make of a web company
> > using asp.net primarily?
> > 
> > Does it have a future?
> > 
> In my experience, if you are selling into a "big shop" then being MS
> centric makes the technical side of the sell easier.
> I don't have enough ASP.NET knowledge to know if it's "better" than PHP,
> but personally, I prefer being able to run my apps on more than just IIS.

 Support for ASP.NET in Mono is quite extensive now, so there's little to
stop you from creating ASP.NET applications to run on Apache under Linux.


Michael Sheldon

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