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Peter Crouch pccrouch at bcs.org.uk
Fri Mar 9 11:48:45 GMT 2007

pete graham wrote:
> When I was looking for jobs I noticed that they were very few
> companies even willing to let you work from home even 1 or 2 days a
> week. Obviously face to face communication is the most effective form
> and meetings are required sometimes. But when doing development work I
> really can't see why it should matter if you're sitting at a computer
> in a office or at your house as, long as you're delivering results.
> Pete
I am a great believer in working from home.  Following on from my 
previous message, my longterm employer shut their Birmingham offices in 
1990 and I went to work at their site in Redditch.  It was a one and a 
half hour trip each way by public transport, from north Birmingham to 
south Redditch and back.  After about a year I was able to convince my 
boss and his boss that I would be more productive working from home as I 
was not working with anyone in Redditch, it was just a corporate roof 
over my head.

While I was working in Birmingham my boss was based in Nottinghamshire 
and another member of our team was based in Leeds.  This was in the days 
when connectivity was a 2400 baud modem!

I worked from home from 1991 till 1997, when I made my ill-advised 
career move, as mentioned in my previous message.  When I got my old job 
back I again worked from home, this time using e-mail to collaborate 
with my colleagues, who were now based in Derbyshire.  I visited them 
every two or three weeks for face-to-face discussions but we spoke on 
the phone or exchanged e-mails most days in between.  I think it worked 
because we were a very small team, six in 1990, down to three in 2001, 
and we were friends as well as colleagues.

During my visits to the office my boss and I often indulged in pair 
programming, though we didn't know it was called that!

Working from home requires self-discipline on your part and trust on the 
part of your superiors so it worked for us because our team was working 
well spread across several sites, even though they were all company 
locations at the beginning.

I hope this is useful to help people avoid communting and polluting the 

Best wishes,

Peter Crouch
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