[Phpwm] Job for web programmer

pete graham petegraham1 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 9 12:03:36 GMT 2007

Thats a very interesting insight into how your company works together
as a team especially the pair programming part. They're are two
developers where I work (myself and simon).

We have formal meetings once approx once a week where we discuss
what's going to go into our next release and how we're going to code
it. Normally we'll talk more causally at the beginning and the end of
the day face-to-face about what we're currently working on and any
problems we've encountered.

During the day we work in separate offices where we concentrate on
coding our individual tasks, we communicate a lot using skype. The
advantage of this to open plan offices is if you don't want your chain
of thought interrupted (if you're "in the zone") you can switch skype
off. If simon's skype's off I know he's concentrating on something

If one of us gets particularly stuck on a problem we'll go into the
other's office to look at the code and give suggestions while the
other person works on the code. I guess this in effect is pair
programming or sorts and normally happens about once a week.

I'd be interested to hear how other teams work, I guess i depends on
the size and the individuals comprising the teams.


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