[Phpwm] Icons

Aypok aypok at aypok.co.uk
Mon Mar 12 19:44:04 GMT 2007


> Sure, the main problem to solve isn't the obvious delete / edit type icons,
> its things like "go up a level to search or select a different manager"
> within the CMS - I can't for the life of me think what would be intuitive
> for that as a function link!

Why not use a simple icon, such as an up arrow (to symbolise going up a
level), then explain it well via a legend or title attribute? A small
image of an arrow will take a lot less space than "go up a level to
search or select a different manager", leaving you more room for other

> I realise that, it does present a slightly higher server loading technically
> speaking

Technically speaking, yes. But will you care? Only if your server is a
few hundred MHz and has a hand-full of RAM.

The server load will be more noticeable if you get more and more
traffic, but you'd have to get a *lot* of traffic for a few small images
to cause you a problem.

If you're worried about bandwidth, stick to small images (always a good
idea, anyway) and use mod_gzip (I think that's the one - someone will
correct me if not) to compress the data sent between the server and

> Absolutely, as long as what's used isn't a compromise that makes it
> graphical just for the sake of "modernity" in the look and feel.

Indeed - it is quite easy to over-use graphics. However, adding a few
images to an interface will oftentimes make it more user-friendly (if
done right!). Normal users tend to like pretty icons over text.


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