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Phil Beynon phil at infolinkelectronics.co.uk
Thu Mar 15 01:30:55 GMT 2007

> By which I presume you mean you get a bar that says, e.g. the form is
> 90% complete?

Yup, amongst other things.

> I don't know much about Javascript, but I seem to keep hearing from
> others that it's best to not include Javascript inline with HTML, and
> instead 'attach' listeners (or whatever they're called) by loading
> relevant JS files in the <head> </head>..... Paul can/might/could say
> more about such things.

Correct, and indeed the functional commonality javascript is invoked in this
However there are some things which are just slightly varied depending on
what the script is doing from chosen user input.
The page this scripting lies in is highly multifunction in its nature;
handling adding, editing, searching, individual record displaying, record
order, pro and anti image insertion parsing, spellchecking and a few other
minor bits.
So having all the scripting located at the top of the page isn't terribly
practical, though where possible a lot is done with dynamic conditional

It's worth mentioning this is one the manager side of the CMS, not the
public side, so the user will have javascript and cookies enabled (or they
dont get to log in!).


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