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Paul Matthews paul.matthews.86 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 15 09:38:48 GMT 2007

On 3/15/07, Keith Pope <keith.pope at allpay.net> wrote:
> Hey Guys,
> I would suggest using something like mootools, I use this framework for
> lots
> of stuff and its well worth a look. It helps a lot with things like events
> and is very lightweight ( plus using mod_deflate makes it even smaller! ),
> it also has a very cool build selection on the download page so you can
> select only the parts you really want.
> I found trying to do reliable events cross-browser sucks and using
> something
> like mootools makes life much easier!

I completely agree, we (at Pale Purple) use MochiKit to do the majority of
our javascript needs. I would however suggest to everyone that they really
give plain old javascript a go before diving into a framework, for 2 simple
1) Frameworks don't do *everything* so you'll more than likely have to
default back to your javascript knowledge at some point.
2) When combining frameworks they can quite offen override functionality of
one and other or even when combining it with your own. In my experiance it's
been my previous knowledge of javascript that's fixed this.

The other thing to note is that some frameworks (mochikit being a prime
example) are quite big and bulky and take a while to download. Mochikit for
example was loaded on every page and it was adding a few seconds to the page
load up times, for some unknown reason it wasn't being cached. While you can
stop it from downloading on every page, it also meant that we really thought
long and hard before using a framework just to do something trivial like "
document.getElementById('menu').visibility = 'hidden'". I've looked at
mootools and it is really nice and small and it does rememdy most of the
points I've just raised but it's also is missing some usefull stuff that
other frameworks have.

Hope that helps anyone considdering javascript frameworks. I know I've spent
a long time looking at them in the past few months, some of the best ones
I've found are: jquery, mochikit and mootools.

>From Paul

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