[Phpwm] [OT]event trigger

Phil Beynon phil at infolinkelectronics.co.uk
Thu Mar 15 11:52:10 GMT 2007

> I always found it a bit weird that google.co.uk doesn't validate even
> though having a validated site seems to get you higher in their
> rankings. One of the tasks at the interview for my current job was to
> recreate the google homepage but using validating XHTML and CSS. I was
> asked afterwards why I thought Google don't fix the page so it
> validates.

I dont think much stuff actually does validate, and when customers are
insisting on small budgets its not a huge consideration or one you will
convince them of the benefits of easily.

Whilst I did get my companie's site validating recently that was mainly just
an exercise - I know for a fact that the CMS manager I'm writing simply
wouldnt get anywhere near validation. A later version might, but right now
the key is to get some sales out there, get some cash in, and worry about
validation a few versions later!

What was the conclusion that you came to regarding why Google haven't
bothered with validation?


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