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I notice in the response to this no one has questioned the legality.... 

Simply lifting images from Google for use in a website or offline project
could lead to major copyright issues, you need to ensure all stock
photography you use in client projects is royalty free, or you have paid the
relevant commissions otherwise you could lead yourself open to litigation by
the person who's copyright you have infringed. And then by the client who
has legitimate recourse following the negative impact on any website or
promotion you may have conducted. 

In short harvesting images is a really bad idea, and I have seen it gone
wrong... a nameless party provided a website to a client containing images
lifted from a key competitor, which resulted in a whole world of $h1t!!!

Always build a budget in for photography if the project looks like it
requires it, as previously mentioned istock is a good source

My two pence over...


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Hi Guys,
I'm setting up a manage system for a friend who's starting up his own 
business. Instead of going down the Open Source CMS route I advised for his 
Website he has preferred for me to write it.

I need to source some corporate images and was wandering whether you guys 
had any ideas for free corporate images. Google is letting me down more and 
more! : (


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