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You have mentioned this project numerous times and I really struggle to see
what is so complicated and time consuming about it as there are files
available that list all UK postcodes with a centroid longitude and latitude
value, which can be licensed for a few hundred pounds. 

A simple navigational algorithm "greater circle" allows you to calc the
distance from postcode to postcode, a simple script can then be created
which will span out from the source postcode on an expanding radius to find
adjacent postcodes. Something which takes milliseconds on a normal machine
with MySQL (I know from my benchmarking).

Are you seriously saying you had a company employing four people doing data
entry for something that can be done in a few hours work, with a suitable
low cost data set?

Or am I seriously missing what you have put together here?


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> > <smile> there's far worse than that, I've built a MySQL database of the
> > entire UK by primary postcode, with county, city, town, village
> encompassed
> > by that postcode, plus all the adjacent postcodes to that postcode for a
> > mapping system.
> > All 27,000 of them!
> Do you have a life ? :)
> David.
I had four girls doing the data entry on that - you don't think I'm about to
sit there typing all that crap in myself do you!

Design and delegate is my motto! :-)


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