[Phpwm] help with function

Phil Beynon phil at infolinkelectronics.co.uk
Fri Mar 23 13:19:41 GMT 2007

> > As I understand it from reading those it will still be available as
> > an add in extension. Since its been around for just about ever I
> > would think millions of programs probably use it, a lot of which are
> > probably no longer getting updated anymore. Its alright removing some
> > of these things when there is a good reason as long as they are still
> > available as an extension.
> Well, as long as $hosting_provider installs $extension... then yes.
> David.
> -- 
> David Goodwin

I have my own small server farm, so its not an issue. 
Pretty much everything I write app wise is hosted on there, since a lot of things have dependencies outside PHP, things like Imagemagick, spellerpages, various bits of PERL are often called into what I'm doing and become requirements. 
If something is not going to be directly hosted on there then the customer would normally get everything as a plug and go pre-configured, and hopefully maintained (as thats a good earner), server.


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